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    Gorgas Library BooksGet publishing pointers from a pro.

    October 17-19,  2023

    Eachyear the Graduate School's Publisher-in-Residence program helps graduate students solidify their career and research through one-on-one publishing consultations with industry leaders.

    One-on-One Consult

    During the session, you'll spend 45 minutes with publishing veteran George F. Thompson to discuss plans and strategies for publishing your research. We would like to share your resume, CV., prospectus, thesis, or any research-related items with Mr. Thompson before your visit. For this reason, you will be asked to upload materials when you register. All consultations will take place in Gorgas Library.

    All graduate students are invited to participate, regardless of year, research, or publishing experience.

    Slots are available on October 17-19,  2023

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